Coniler Rechargeable Hearing Aid Digital Hearing Amplifier Noise Cancellation

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Coniler VIVO 202 EZCharge uses a proprietary intelligent charging circuit, high-strength lithium polymer battery in the Eco Friendly and attractive hearing aid product.                           

Universal USB-type C charging base and an unprecedented 2.5 hours charge time for 20 hours of full operation!

The break-through intelligent charging chip circuit minimizes heat and makes 'green' technology a practical reality forhearing aid users. And what’s more, customers would not worry about the high cost any more.

* Powerful BTE (Behind The Ear) hearing amplifier

Full charging time: 2.5 hours
Duration of use:More than 20 Hours of use under maximum Volume conditions.
Cycle times: No decline within 500 times charging;
Less than 15% decline over 500 times charging;
Less than 30% decline over 1000 times charging.

Noise Reduction

Thanks to the smart chip and intergated circuit, enhanced telecoil.

Vivo 202 EZCharge present feedback suppression and noise cancelling functions


Memory Switch

Most of the OTC hearing amplifiers does not come with a power switch or mode button with automatic "memory" function, you need to set the volume and program again and again.

VIVO 202 EZCharge features a smart power switch, the device will be adjust the volume to the exact amount that you used before, which means there is no need to adjust the volume of your hearing instrument again and again.

Multiple Program/Modes

There are two programs/modes with the VIVO 202 EZCharge. 

You can switch from different modes when you are in different environment with different background noise.

What is more, the hearing instrument could "memorize" the program/mode that you used, and you can save a lot of time to set program once again.

Various options with the accesory kit

The  VIVO 202 EZCharge comes with accessory kit, you can choose different types of ear domes/ear molds, conductive tubes and cleaning brush.

Free replacement item and accessory kit 

We offer free replacement & exchange to customers all over the world.

And what is more, we will offer accessory kit to customers, free of charge.



Maximum Output Sound Pressure (OSPL90) (dB):131+3

Average Output (OSPL90) (dB): 121 + 4

Maximum Acoustic Gain at Full Range (Input 60/50) (dB):41+5

Average Gain (60/50) (dB):33+5

Equivalent input noise (dB): <32

Overall harmonic distortion :

500HZ: < 8%

800HZ: < 5%

1600HZ: <3%