Coniler Rechargeable Hearing Aid for Adults and Seniors (One Pair)

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DSP intelligent sound chip, digital noise reduction and high-precision bionic dynamic compression, so the sound quality is clear and no noise.
Quiet/Noisy program switching to meet the listening needs in different environments. At the same time, it has the function of instantaneous strong sound intelligent ear protection.
Smart Language Processing Technology: Locate sound source and Improve speech intelligence. AFC intelligent feedback control processing technology to solve the whistle trouble.
Safe and Convenient Charging: magnetic absorption charging, convenient and fast. Long duration, full power can work for more than 18 hours. Automatic power off after full charge, safe and efficient.


Product parameters
Maximum Output Sound Pressure (OSPL90) (dB):131+3
Average Output (OSPL90) (dB): 121 + 4
Maximum Acoustic Gain at Full Range (Input 60/50) (dB):41+5
Average Gain (60/50) (dB):33+5
Equivalent input noise (dB): <32

Overall harmonic distortion :
500HZ: < 8%
800HZ: < 5%
1600HZ: <3%

Receiving Frequency Interval (Hz)
F1: ≥ 500
F2: ≤ 5000

Rated Current Consumption (mA): 2.2

What is in the box?
2* voice tube
1*Magic Earplug 10mm
1*Magic Earplug 12mm
1*Closed earplug 9mm
1*Closed earplug 12mm
1*Closed earplug 15mm
1 * Clean Brush
2 * Vivo202 Hearing aid


*Please contact if you have questions/doubt about the usage, replacement, return and warranty. 

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